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Client Case Studies

The Royal Opera House

We worked with the Royal Opera House for a period of almost 10 years surrounding its major redevelopment.  Initially we made recommendations to the Board on both the project itself and the key foundations that needed to be in place to ensure a successful fundraising campaign.

We worked with the ROH over a number of years to implement our recommendations.  We managed the existing staff and recruited a new team to prepare for and run the appeal.  We also advised on the redevelopment project from a fundraising perspective and packaged the project for funding. 

We worked closely with the Senior Management Team on their Lottery bid, which was successful in gaining a grant of £78.5 million. 

We advised the Appeal President, Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover and the Appeal Chairman, Dame Vivien Duffield, on all aspects of the campaign.  We also worked closely with the Board, Trustees of the Royal Opera House Trust, the Friends of Covent Garden and senior volunteers to successfully raise the £100 million of private funding needed to complete the redevelopment project. 

We were involved in every aspect of laying the foundations for and implementing the appeal, alongside developing and building the organisation’s long term revenue fundraising in line with the requirements of the Arts Council.  This included developing commercial sponsorship and legacies and restructuring both corporate and individual membership schemes.

“I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed working with the two of you and I think you have done a hugely valuable job for the Opera House – We couldn’t have done it without you”

Sir Peter Davis, Chairman, Royal Opera House Trust

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Children’s Hospices UK

Children's Hospices UK

The Association of Children’s Hospices, now operating as Children’s Hospices UK, is an umbrella body representing Children’s Hospices.  It is the national charity giving voice and support to all children’s hospice services.  In late 2007 and early 2008 we undertook an infrastructure review for the organisation.  This process involved meeting staff, Trustees and member hospices in order to understand the needs and expectations of the organisation over the coming years.  Having clearly identified the challenges and opportunities facing them and how they could be met, we worked closely with the Chief Executive to develop a structure to meet its future needs.  Our recommendations were accepted by the Board in early 2008.

“The infrastructure review undertaken by JKA was pivotal in enabling our organisation to focus more clearly on how we could best deliver our strategic priorities on behalf of our members. Their thorough approach and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders was particularly valuable. ”

Barbara Gelb, Chief Executive, Children’s Hospices UK

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The Gurkha Welfare Trust

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

In the mid 1990’s we undertook an assignment for the Gurkha Welfare Trust to help them establish a fundraising programme. Once our recommendations were agreed by the Board we recruited a Director of Fundraising to develop and implement our outline strategy. Ten years later we received a call from him saying that he was retiring and could we find his successor. In fact the fundraising had been so successful that the organisation’s needs and priorities had changed and we recruited a new and expanded role of Deputy Director.

“As a candidate, it is refreshing to meet consultants who reflect the values of their client and demonstrate a strong commitment to its objectives. As fundraising professionals they understood the Trust's needs and were well placed to assess candidate's suitability. Their enthusiasm and genuine desire to best serve the Trust made a lasting impression.”

Katherine Ayres, Deputy Director, Gurkha Welfare Trust

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London Library

London Library

We began working for the London Library, the world’s largest independent lending library, in 2002 when the Trustees were considering the possibility of sustained active fundraising for the first time. After undertaking a fundraising feasibility study and developing an outline strategy, we worked closely with the Library to develop the project master plan. This centres on providing much-needed extra space and better facilities for books, members and staff. At the same time, we also provided advice and support to the executive and Trustees in updating the Library’s governance appropriately to manage a period of change and development.

We then concentrated on laying the foundations for both capital and revenue fundraising and established the strategy for the Library’s first ever external relations function, incorporating communications and marketing with income generation and fundraising. We recruited the Head of Development and worked with her to build a small team.

Since 2004, we have continued to provide regular strategic advice and hands-on support in the implementation of the Library’s capital campaign and in the development of revenue fundraising, marketing and communications. As the Library is a membership organisation with 8000 members and the fundraising target is ambitious, the project has had some particular challenges but at the end of 2008, some 70% of the funding for the full master plan is in place, phase one of the development has been completed successfully and phase two is underway.

“As a first-time Chief Executive with no previous experience of fundraising, I found being able to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience offered by Jane Kaufmann Associates absolutely invaluable. They have the ability to tune in rapidly to the ethos of an organisation, see what is needed, and advise on the infrastructure necessary to achieve fundraising success.”

Inez Lynn, Librarian, London Library

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The Royal British Society of Sculptors

Disk sculpture

Our work for the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS) began in 2004 with an Audit and Review prior to making recommendations on the development of the organisation and its fundraising.

Since then we have worked with the Director and Council to raise the RBS profile and develop and prepare every aspect of the Society for the demands of fundraising.

Revenue fundraising is now delivering results and the organisation is working towards a major project to redevelop its listed headquarters building to provide a centre of excellence for sculpture.

During 2008 we have also worked closely with the RBS on a project to modernise the Society’s governance.

“Sculptors must rank amongst the unlikeliest people to work collectively and a rigid formulaic approach to organisational development would have been doomed to outright failure with this extraordinary Society which was founded in 1905. JKA's bespoke approach and belief that solutions need to be developed from within, rather than imposed from without, has helped us to build a stronger, more vibrant Society, which is acquiring the confidence, skills, profile and resources to deliver its objectives in the 21st century.

Thank you for your immense support, it is a great pleasure to work with you both. With your expertise and guidance we have made, and are continuing to make, real progress ”

Anne Rawcliffe-King, Director, Royal British Society of Sculptors

“Thank you for all your patient, wise and staunch guidance this year - all of which continues to play a vital role in incremental advance of the RBS.”

Professor Brian Falconbridge, President, Royal British Society of Sculptors

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Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

We began working with Salisbury Cathedral in early 2007 when they were considering establishing a fundraising department.  An initial Audit and Review was undertaken and reported to the Senior Leadership Team and Chapter.  This report highlighted some of the areas the Cathedral needed to develop in order for fundraising to be successful. 

We have since worked with the Cathedral in their development of their Strategic Plan and have advised on some restructuring of the management team. We have assisted in the recruitment of a new Director of Marketing and Communications and a Director of Development.

We continue to work in a strategic advisory, mentoring and hands on role with the new team to develop and implement plans for both a major capital campaign and revenue fundraising.

“Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ve meant to us this year. You have been wonderful critical friends and we have enormously appreciated your presence in our life.”

The Very Reverend June Osborne, Dean of Salisbury

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Tourettes Action

Tourettes Action

We were employed by Tourettes Action, then the Tourettes Syndrome UK Association, in 2007.  We undertook an Audit and Review and made recommendations on how the organisation should establish fundraising and communications functions from scratch for this challenging cause.  Following Trustee approval of all our recommendations we recruited a Director of Development.  Her initial focus was on communications and rebranding, hence the name change to Tourettes Action.  We have worked closely with her and the Director to put in place the necessary foundations for fundraising, including a fundraising strategy, case for support, projects and donor benefits, fundraising research, prospect lists and moral and ethical guidelines.  We are now mentoring and supporting senior staff and Trustees through the early stages of major donor fundraising.

“Jane Kaufmann Associates set us on the right path for fundraising, and enabled us to get the fundamental decisions right, without which the whole fundraising strategy would have collapsed.”

Judith Kidd, Chief Executive, Tourettes Action

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